At MPA, the communication factor is essential. That’s why the first task of the firm is to determine the specific needs. Whether it’s an individual or a company, the client comes to the firm because they have a problem they want to solve. But they may not always be aware of all the solutions available to them. At this initial step, it’s important to consult a multidisciplinary firm like MPA because our clients deserve to have all possible options analyzed.

To do this, MPA analyzes the matter with all its specificities. In any legal situation, it is the events before and after, that demonstrate the true intentions of the parties involved, and are relevant when advising a solution. Therefore, it’s important to review all communications between the parties, subsequent signed documents, and subsequent actions. In short, rigor demands meticulous work.

Communication during the development of the matter and the performance of specific tasks is also important. The client should feel confident that the work is being carried out within the expected timeline and, if not possible, the reasons for it.

Finally, and no less important, the client should be aware of the costs they will have to assume for the tasks assigned, either in terms of fees and expenses of the firm, or for external professional expenses such as experts: notaries, legal representatives, registrars, etc.