First & foremost we are one big family!

Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual Ferrer

After a solid training, and gaining experience in leading law firms since 1991, she is a Lawyer and Mediator with extensive professional experience and is the sole founding partner of the company since 2003.

Since its foundation, and as the firm’s director, she guides the firm towards providing comprehensive client advice, whether it be for businesses or individuals. This advisory scope has expanded to encompass a 360º perspective of the client, thanks primarily to her experience and knowledge of the Balearic Islands, her native land.

Pilar Rosselló

Pilar Rosselló de España

Senior lawyer with extensive professional experience at MPA. Over the years, she has acquired solid expertise in commercial matters, both in litigation and out-of-court, most of them involving a high level of responsibility from both a legal and economic perspective in highly complex issues. She is an expert in providing “in-house” advice to companies and in ensuring compliance with corporate obligations of administrators and managers of all types of entities, both private and public.

Adria Casasnovas

Adria Casasnovas Moreno

Senior lawyer and mediator with an established professional career at MPA. With a determined spirit, extreme thoroughness and discipline, she focuses her professional practice on the procedural aspects of both civil and criminal law. She specializes in assessments and claims for damages arising from traffic accidents or negligent conduct of any kind. Member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (AEAFA).

Helena Sureda

Helena Sureda Hueso

Senior lawyer with a consolidated professional career at MPA.
Compliance Officer, specialist in legal auditing of companies.
Insolvency administrator.
Expert negotiator, especially in the business field of both public and private entities, which has allowed it to consolidate a wide range of security and rigour within the sector.
Always with the aim of avoiding confrontational situations in order to save time and money for clients.

Virginia Hernández

Virginia Hernández Reyes

Lawyer specialized in intellectual and industrial property, new technologies, electronic contracting, consumer and user law and data protection in its civil and criminal aspects, with special emphasis on economic crimes committed through electronic means that transcend national borders.


Margalida Riutort

Margalida Riutort Fort

Lawyer. She focuses her interests on Public Rights and Freedoms, especially in relation to the Right to Equality, International Public and Humanitarian Law, and their protection. She excels in balancing her professional practice as a lawyer before Courts and Tribunals with postgraduate research focused on these areas of law.

Aina Hurtado

Aina M. Hurtado Arquer

Partner and manager of the firm since 2019. She has been part of the MPA team for more than ten years, thus witnessing its consolidation and professionalism as a firm. It stands out for its serenity, cordiality, and human value. It is mainly responsible for managing the quality of our services, ensuring that all document and personal data processing procedures are correctly followed.

José Berruga

José Berruga Rodríguez

The protection of your assets and those of your loved ones is essential in comprehensive customer advice. This maximum protection requires a qualified expert with many years of experience in insurance, who knows how to identify and individualise the risks of each situation or activity and find the best cover at competitive prices.
His knowledge of the business world enables him to find the most suitable coverage for any liability, including liabilities of the company’s directors. This provides added security and peace of mind in the development of corporate business activities.

Mª Rosa Sureda

Mª Rosa Sureda

In a law firm, customer service and above all, the correct reception and management of documentation are essential. Because, despite the fact that computer technology has greatly simplified the management of communications, a person is still needed to check all the information received in the office is handled appropriately by the corresponding person, be it by telephone, message or document.

Moreover, all of this must be accomplished in a professional and courteous manner.