Resolve and Prevent. MPA’s culture is focused not only on solving specific problems, but also on advising individuals or companies to try to prevent these issues from recurring. At the same time, if we detect potential risks that the client may face, we notify them so that, at their discretion, they can take appropriate action to avoid them

Creativity. Our approach to issues is different because we analyze them from all possible angles. Imaginative, well-elaborated, well-planned, and executed solutions are what has led MPA to have a high success rate in both legal matters and negotiations of special significance.

Collaboration. At MPA, we want things to go as well as possible for our clients. Therefore, when we see opportunities to create alliances between clients or collaborators, we make the relevant proposals to the parties involved, always, of course, with the utmost confidentiality.

Respect. At MPA, there are no big or small matters. They are all important to the client and as such, deserve to be treated with the highest level of involvement by the team working on each case.